Palak Thogayal/Spinach Thick Chutney

Palak or spinach's are green leafy veggies,that has a lot of health potentials associated with it.Spinach's are low in calorie and fat,so could be taken in adequate amounts.It's advisable to take spinach at least twice a week.Cleaning  become's a hectic job while handling the spinach's.But in palak we dont need to worry about that,it consumes one by third of the time required to clean it compared to the usual spinach's.

Usually i use to make spinach's churned or stir-fry with dals,as a usual side dish for rice.Once i happened to taste a chutney made with spinach,from my neighbour Rama Akka.I was addicted to its spicy taste ,and it tasted really good.Impressed with its taste i frequently prepare this chutney for chappathi's dosa's idli's and even for our rice.It goes well with all the above said items.Thanks Rama Akka for sharing this recipe.Here is the recipe below.


Serves 2

Spinach/Palak - 1 bundle
GroundNut - 1½ Tbsp
Coriander Seeds- 1Tbsp
Garlic Pods - 4 to 5
Dry Red Chillies - 2 Broken
Oil - as reqd
Salt - as reqd
Water - for grinding


  • Take the palak leaves.Wash them thoroughly and keep aside.In a pan add the groundnuts roast them ,You can also roast them with a tsp of oil.Let them roast well.

  • Then add the coriander seeds and garlic pods roast them.Keep aside.Take the broken and de-seeded red chillies and fry them.

  • Keep them aside in a vessel.In that same pan add the cleaned palak leaves and saute until leave out all the water.Switch off the flame when all the water has completed drained off.Let the palak cool.After 5 minutes grind them in a mixer.To Grind them ,first grind the roasted items,then add the palak and salt and grind to a smooth paste.You can temper with mustard seeds if you wish.

  •  Its ready now.