Crunchy Apple Salad

There's a famous quote saying,"An Apple a day keeps the doctor away",its absolutely true.Apple has lot of free source vitamins and minerals.The phyto-nutrients,help in maintaining the blood sugar levels.Also helps in reducing the body fat.Regular consumption of apple's can help in burning the fats rapidly.Apple also has a good amount of anti-oxidants,which prevents from infectious diseases and cleanses our system.

I have tried this apple salad in my own method. Here i have added capsicum,walnuts,soaked peanuts and muesli.You needn't use your gas top's to prepare this salad,as generally most of the salad's doesn't require fire.It's a simple and crunchier salad to have with your morning breakfast.If you are planning for a lite breakfast,try to include some salad's as a part of your meal.

 Since apple's have the tendency to feel your stomach full.You can have it when you are on diet.You can also use different colors of capsicum to add more attraction.


Serves 2

Apple - 2 no
Capsicum - 1 no
Grated Carrot - 2 Tbsp
Chopped Walnut - 2 Tbsp
Fresh Ground Pepper - 1/2 tsp
Museli - 2 Tbsp (Optional)
Lemon Juice/Apple cider Vinegar - 1/2 tsp
Chaat Masala - a pinch (Optional)
Olive Oil/Salad Dressing - 1/2 tsp (Optional)
Salt - a pinch


  • I have peeled the outer skin of the apple,because it was wax coated.If you get organic apples,no need to peel out the skin.You can use it directly.Chop the apple's, capsicum 
  • In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients one by one,except the Muesli.
  • If you wish you add olive oil or can omit adding the oil also.
  • Finally when serving add the muesli for a crunchy feel.It's also optional.
  • It can be served now.


  • Can add fresh cream at last if serving for kids.
  • If you dont have museli at home u can also add some oven roasted corn flakes

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  1. Although I love to have apple on its own, would love to try this salad its sure power packed

  2. Hi, Loved your creativity in adding healthy ingredients to make your salad really filling and nourishing.

  3. Love the addition of mueslis here, such a delicious and crunchy salad.

  4. lovely click and yummilicious salad :)

  5. yummy looking salad, lots of fiber too, fresh,quick and delicious :-)