Vazhakaai Roast/Raw Banana Roast

          Raw Banana ,a variety of dishes can be prepared using this as the main ingredient.Raw has a less amount of saturated fat. It has a sufficient amount of dietary Fiber,vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and manganese.As similar to ripe banana ,which serves as a mild laxative,raw banana can also be taken for diarrhea problems.I have mentioned below in tips section,how to use for diarrhea problems.This is a simple and easy recipe to prepare.


Serves 2

Raw Banana  - 1 noSambar Powder - 2 tspSalt - as ReqdOil - For shallow fry


  • Cut the top and bottom portion of the raw banana and peel the skin.Cut the raw banana's to 1/4"inch thickness.Add salt,sambar powder to the cut banana's and keep them aside for 15 minutes.

  • In a hot tawa spread oil and place the raw banana.Drizzle some oil above the banana's ,roast on side side and flip them , roast on the other side.When its cooked well,remove from the tawa and keep them in a tissue paper.

Serve them as a side dish for your curd rice,rasam and sambar rice.


  • Boil the raw banana's with salt ,mash them adding a little butter to it.This could taken for diarrhea problems.
  • Can also add red chilli powder instead of sambar and prepare in the  method.
  • Instead of shallow fry /roast you can also deep fry them and serve as a evening snack.

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