Seppankizhangu/Taro Root Fry

   Seppankizhangu ,Arbi or Taro Root ,is  a root veggie.Generally not only the kids even the elders like any fried items.Instead of the usual kootu, poriyal and other fried items,this fry is different.We pressure cook the arbi ,remove the skin and head to the frying process My MIL prepares it excellently,and i learn't this recipe from her kitchen.This fry is not familiar to me until marriage,but now i love it a lot.I can even take it as an evening snack.Because the cripsy and crunchy matter in it ,brings your fingers back to the bowl for picking up more.Who doesn't love eating the fried items?

   The medicinal facts says ,it is better than potatoes.Its low Glycemic index helps the release of glucose into the  blood sugar level slowly,compared to that of potatoes which does not..Its dietary fiber content helps in easier digestion.Also has the necessary minerals and vitamins like potassium and Vitamin C,E,B and even more.The other side of this root variety is, it has oxalates,which is not good for health,so ensure you do proper boiling before proceeding with your recipes.Also keep in mind to take sufficient amount of milk or other calcium to avoid the risk of oxolate absorbtion to our system.

   I have given the step by step procedure in making this..For getting the perfect finish,remember to keep your gas flame in Medium-Low while frying,which is a prerequisite for this recipe.




Raw Seppankizhangu - A Handful 
Red Chili Powder - 1 tsp (Depends on your spicy level)
Salt -As Required
Water - For Boiling
Oil - For Frying


  • Take your Seppankizhangu in a pressure cooker.Pour some water(Tap water) and let it stand for at least 10minutes,to remove the dirt/sand.Use your fingers to remove the sand sticking to the veggie.Discard that water and wash again until the sand particles are removed.Once its done,add enough water till the seppankizhangu/arbi is completely immersed.Pressure cook for 2 Whistles,not more than that.Just 2 whistles will be enough.
  • Once the pressure subsides.Open the lid and pour out the steaming hot water and immediately add some cold/tap water.This helps the outer skin of the root come out well.Remove the skin.Slice the boiled root to 1/4" thickness.Keep aside and let it cool down.Let it for a while.Then in a wide kadai/pan add some oil and let it heat.Keep the flame in Medium.
  • Add the sliced arbi's for frying,in small batches.Keep your flame to Med-Low at this stage and the entire frying process should be done under this temperature only.Remove from the kadai when they turn golden brown and keep them in a plate covered with tissue paper.This will absorb the excess oil.Do the same for the remaining arbi's also.After frying the entire arbi's ,take a wide pan and add some oil(or add the oil which is used for frying),keep the flame low.(Mandatory). Take the salt and chilli powder,add it to the hot oil.
  • After adding the chilli powder,the flavor of the chilli powder pipes out.Switch off the flame.At this stage immediately add the fried arbi's and saute for a while ,to ensure the masala is entirely covered by the arbi's.
  • Its ready to serve now.Best accompanied for all rice varieties.




  • Try to use the old Seppankizhangu/Arbi ,some young arbi's have an itchy sensation.
  • Since it takes a long time to get fried in low flame,its a lenghty process.To avoid this lengthy duration.You can boil and slice the arbi's the previous you can avoid spending a long time in preparing this.


  1. Wow its very crispy n delicious one dear... But i never tried this...

    1. Viji Hope you will try it soon ...and Thank you for the Feedback

  2. I tried the same....It was very tasty and crispy

    1. Thank You for trying my recipe,and for your valuable feedback.

  3. tempting crispy snack, love it :-)