Semiya Javvarasi Payasam/Vermiceli Sabudhana Kheer/Pudding

            A party meal will never be fulfilled without this payasam at an end.This payasam is widely served among south indian marriages.The jelly like Javvarisi/Sago makes it more attractive and tempting to have a gulp.Generally sago has a coolant effect to our body,gives more energy instantly since it contains starch/carbohydrates.Sago is a low calorie food and has no protein ,hence can be taken during your diet plan too.So why to resist hard behind this dessert.Have a sip an enjoy your day!!!


Serves 5

Sago/Javvarisi -1/4Cup
Semiya/Vermiceli Roasted - 1/2 Cup
Sugar -1/2 Cup
Milk -2 Cup
Water -2 Cup
Elaichi(crushed) powder -1/2 tsp
Grated coconut -2 Tbsp
Ghee -2tsp
Cashew,Raisins -few
Saffron -few strands


In a kadai roast the nuts and raisins by adding little ghee,and keep aside.Wash the sago with water twice and remove the dirt's.In a heavy bottomed vessel add water and let it boil.When you find the bubbles coming up ,add the washed sago.Let it boil.Stir occasionally.
 After 10-15 mins of boiling the sago will look alike jelly.If not cook until the sago turns alike jellies.It will double in its original volume.
 Then add the roasted vermicelli.And boil for another 4 -6 minutes.Check whether the vermicelli has cooked by pressing it in between fingers.If you can easily break it,it's cooked,else cook for some more time.
 Add the sugar and boil until the sugar dissolves completely.
 Add the crushed elaichi powder.Switch OFF the flame.
 Finally add the milk give a stir.Add the nuts at last.While serving add the saffron strands.Serve hot or warm.

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