Qubani Ka Meetha:

             Qubani ka Meetha is a simple but delicious dessert form Hyderabad.It is a must served dessert in Hyderabadi weddings.The name of this dessert comes from Urdu,for Qubani means apricots in urdu.It came to existence during the moghal kingdom. It gives a rich appeal for your party occasions.It's easy to be made,does not consume much time,unlike any-other desserts.The end product is similar to a honey like taste.Try it once and i am damn sure this dessert will occupy in your fav list.

  • Dried Apricots- 10-12(approx 50gms)
  • Sugar- 2 Tbsp
  • Water-1Cup
  1. Wash the dried apricots once and soak them overnight.
  2. Next day,slit open the swollen apricots and remove the seed inside .You can break the kernel of the seed,with the help of a stone mortar-pestle  and reserve the badam like seed  for final decoration.
  3. Do not discard the water which we used for soaking,reserve this water too.
  4. In a pan pour the reserved water and bring to boil.When the water starts bubbling add the soaked apricots and let it boil for 10-12mins in medium low flame.You can cover the pan with a lid and check the water level.You can add some boiling water if you find the water has reduced.
  5. At this stage the color of apricots would have changed ,now add the sugar stir it for a while and cover with a lid.Let them cook well and when the water level has reduced switch off the flame,it takes about 5-7mins.And now our dessert is done.
  6. While serving ,top the dessert with the reserved badam like seed (from step 2) .This dessert could also be accompanied with ice-cream,custard,whipping cream.It tastes heavenly.Serve Chilled.

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  1. looks yummy.!!!!! wanna to make a try .