Mushroom Biriyani

What's gonna be a better way to start your weekend,without a special lunch menu.?!!! No ways isn't it ?And ofcourse no weekends will get fulfilled without a special food.Agree !!! Here's my post which would make your weekend or your special day even more special.Nowadays across India Biriyani's are a mass hit.Be it a simple birthday party or a grand marriage occasion,biriyani will definitely occupy the menu.There are lots of varieties in biriyani,from veg to non-veg and from state to state there are variations in making them.But whatever might be any biriyani is simply awesome to me.Its a comforting food for sure,just a biriyani with a raita would make fulfilling combo.I present here a tasty mushroom biriyani and its my simple method to make this biriyani.To make this biriyani even more rich i add cashew paste and saffron milk too,but my today's post will follow a simple method..

Make this yummy biriyani and make your meal special.


Serves - 3

Mushroom - A handful
Onion - 1 big
Tomato - 1 big
Ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp
Lime juice - 1/2 tsp
Pudhina/Mint Leaves - few
Coriander Leaves - few
Green Chillies - 3 no's
Yogurt - 2Tbsp
Turmeric powder - 1/4 tsp
Red Chilly Powder - 1.5 tsp
Garam Masala - 1/2 tsp
Bread slices - 4 no's (optional)
Zeera Samba Rice - 1.5 Cup
Water - as needed
Salt - as needed
Oil - as needed
Ghee - 2 tsp


Bay Leaf - 2 no's (small)
Cinnamon - 3 sticks (1")
Cardamom - 2 no's
Cloves - 2 no's
Star anise - 1 petal 


  • Chop the tomatoes,slice the onions,slit 2 green chillies (from the 3no's),Clean the pudhina and coriander leaves.clean and slice the mushrooms.Keep the ginger garlic paste ready.In a mixer add few pudhina and coriander leaves and 1 green chilly(my chilly was too hot so i took 1no) and grind them without adding water,keep aside.Wash and keep the rice separately.In a pressure cooker add oil and add the spices when the oil is heat enough.Saute until the spices flavor arise.

  • Add sliced onions and saute until the onions turns golden brown.Add the ginger garlic paste and saute for awhile.Then add the pudhina-coriander paste and saute again.

  • Add the chopped tomatoes and saute until the tomatoes are well cooked.To cook the tomatoes fast add some salt.Then add mushrooms and saute again.Wait until the mushroom leaves the water from it and when the water gets evaporated add the red chilly and turmeric powder.Add salt.

  • Add the yogurt and mix well and saute until the oil leaves from it.Then add the water for 1 cup add 3cup water,If adding basmati add 2 cup for 1 cup rice.Allow the water to boil.Add the soaked rice and mix well.Check for the salt and spice now.You can add salt or spice at this time if its not sufficient.Allow to cook in open ,without placing the cooker lid.

  • Cook until the rice is 3/4th cooked and the water is almost absorbed.Spread few pudhina laeaves and garam masala and the ghee and mix well.Close the cooker with the lid.Cook for 7 to 10 minutes under low flame.After 10 minutes remove the lid and mix the biriyani with the ladle.If you wish to finish off the process you can stop at this stage.If you wish to add bread slices you can proceed the next step.

  • Take the bread slices and cut the corners and cut them in cubes and saute them in a pan with ghee.Add the fried bread to the biriyani when its hot enough.

  • Serve with onion raitha and any gravy.


  1. So simple with ground Masala and bread pieces..yummy

  2. A favorite of mine! Looks delicious!

  3. so flavorful and delicious Mushroom Biryani, truly inviting pics..

  4. Wat a wonderful,healthy and delicious one pot meal, prefect for lunch box.