Bread Halwa - A virtual B'Day treat for Preeti

This month is a season of an array of birthdays,in that line next comes my buddy blogger Preeti. As planned already by myself and my co-blogging friends we chose to select Sweets or Savory from her space and replicate at our space on the note of celebrating her birthday.

 Happy Birthday Preeti

This bread halwa which i made from her space was so simple yet a delicious recipe.All at my home loved this halwa.I could feel small chunks of the bread to munch while tasting the halwa.Those small crispy chunks added a different variation to halwa.


Bread Slices - 6 to 8 (I used 8 slices of whole wheat multi grain bread)
Sugar - 3/4 Cup 
Water - 3/4 Cup
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp(optional)
oil - to fry the bread
Nuts - to garnish
Ghee - 3 tsp


  • I have used whole wheat multi grain grain,which contains some whole grains which added a crunchy feeling to these halwa. I sliced the breads into cubes,i didnt remove the edges of the bread.All though it tasted good.Cube the bread slices and fry them in oil litte by little and keep aside.

  • In a kadai add sugar and water and prepare sugar syrup.Wait until it reaches to One-string consistency.It might take 7-8 minutes.Check with your index and thumb finger by touching the syrup to check for the string consistency.Also fry some nuts in ghee and keep aside.

  • Add the fried bread slices and let them soak them in the syrup and meanwhile mash them with the ladle and saute them until they leave out the oil which we used to fry the slices.

  • Once it started leaving the oil and comes non-stciky the halwa is done.Garnish with fried nuts and serve them.

My bread halwa is ready


  1. Tempting.......Very pleasant taste....


  2. glad to know u liked it dear :)

  3. yummy halwa EM.happy to follow you

  4. delicious bread halwa, looks too tempting..lovely treat to PT!

  5. Very catchy halwa, i want to make some too..Very tempting colour..A prefect virtual treat to PT.

  6. Very interesting. I love the idea of how you converted bread slices into an awesome halwa recipe. Just can't wait to try because the bread slices in my fridge is getting stale.

  7. Wow! Loved this bread halwa.. Looks soo delectable... Do visit my blog..

  8. wow,never thought breads could be used to make such a lovely halwa,delicious :-)