Inji/Ginger Chutney

Inji or Ginger is a wonderful root ,that has a lot of medicinal values.May it be an indigestion problem or a sore throat we use ginger to overcome the problems.In Indian cuisine we generally use lot of ginger ,which helps in digesting the food we eat,while preparing non-veg menu's.Not only in food's,also in tea/chai we use crushed ginger and boil along with tea leaves ,having this ginger tea will soothe your stomach and increases the digestive power.Not only these above facts,it increases blood flow,it's a good anti-inflammatory agent and also has a lot of anti bacterial benefits.So knowing these facts our ancestors used ginger in almost all the dishes they prepare which helped them in lot of ways.Knowing these benefits  might inspire you to include ginger in all possible ways in your food.So why not a chutney variety?Instead of having the regular coconut,coriander and tomato chutney's we will see an interesting ginger chutney.

This ginger chutney is so simple to make ,there is no coconut added to it and you store them in your refrigerators for a week.Include this ginger chutney when you make Adai/lentil dosa.Ada dosa has lentils ,and lentils only in it ,which requires a lot of time to digest having this chutney to accompany them might make the digestive process faster.


Ginger - 100gms
Red Chilly - 3 to 4
Urad dall - 2 tsp
Tamarind - quarter the lemon size
Jaggery - 1tsp (Can increase also)
Salt - As reqd

To Temper

Oil - 1tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp


  • Peel the skin of the ginger and slice them .Break the red chilly and de-seed them.In a pan add some oil and fry the ginger,separately for about 3 to 4 minutes in medium flame.Remove the fried ginger from stove and fry the red chillies and urad dall and tamarind.Saute the red chilly separately remove from fire then saute the dall and tamarind.Allow them to cool.

  • Once cooled grind them in mixer without adding water first and then add water later and again grind to a smooth consistency,finally add the jaggery and give one more run in your mixer.Temper them with gingely oil and serve.

  • Enjoy for your Adai dosa.


  • This is a spicy and hot chutney,you can increase the amount of jaggery if the chutney is more spicy.
  • Add gingely oil to gives an extra flavor.


  1. Inji chutney -- my fav.. I love the ginger flavour

  2. Nice chutney.looks spicy

  3. Slurp, very flavourful chutney,love with dosas very much.

  4. Yes it is very gud for health, long time wish to make this chutney, will make it soon...

  5. One of my fav and I love the combo of ingredients inside. While most people enjoy it with dosa or idli, I pair it with rice.