How to Make your own Thinai and Rice Murukku Maavu / Flour

During diwali almost most of them would make murukku/chakli at home.Some people would make this snack using the store brought flour,as making your own flour at home would be little bit time consuming.But anyways homemade's are best at anytime.Until my last preparation of murukku was with the store brought flour,but i got excited to make my own flour when my mom visited my place and she said about the thinai murukku which would taste better.Since i couldn't find any foxtail millet/thinai flour around my place.I have to get in to the process of preparing it myself.It is so easy to enroll yourself ,and the tedious thing for me was to get it ground in flour mill.But once the four is ready and you taste the snack you can figure out the mean difference between the store bought and healthy hygienic home made one's.

Its not only you could make this only for murukku ,you could also make idiyappam and puttu out of this flour,i have tried with the rice flour puttu and idiyappam which came out to be good.And thinai puttu also was excellent.Just take your time to make this homemade flour and enjoy your festive snacks.

I have given both the rice and thinai/foxtail millet flour making below.


  • Thinai / Foxtail Millet - 7 Cup (you can take as much as you have)


  • Idli Rice - 1 Cup
  • Raw Rice - 4 Cup (You can add omit Idli rice if only using for snack making-For multpurpose use like Idiyappam/Puttu and snack you can add Idli Rice)

  • Urad dal - 5 Cup (Apart from snack making i use this urad  flour for making urad ladoos. )


Method for making Thinai and Rice Flour:

  • In a wide vessel add the thinai and wash it until the dirt is removed and soak it in enough maount of water for atleast 2 hours.To check for the millet is soaked enough,you can take some soaked millet and munch it, if you are able to chew the millet easily its done.,else allow to soak for another 1/2 hour.Then drain the water completely.

For Thinai

For Rice

  • In a wide plate or tambalam spread a clean white cloth and spread the millet evenly across the plate and place it under sun for drying.If yu donot have a wide plate dont worry ,Take a mat and place the white cloth above the mat and spread the soaked and drained millet and dry it under sun.With the help of your fingers make lines around the millet ,to help the millets dry faster.

For Thinai

For Rice

Keep checking the millets/rice at some intervals.If you take a handful of millets/rice it should be completely dried ,thats the phase where you have to proceed for the next process in making the flour.Collect the dried millets and process them in the flour mill and get it fine powdered.Once the flour is ready ,spread the flour in a wide plate and allow it to cool .If you omit this step then the flour would tend to form lumps.Allow it to cool inside the room for atleast 1hour and then store the cooled flour in an airtight container.

Thinai and Rice flour after ground:

Method for making the urad flour:

Take the requird amount of urad dal and dry roast it.No need to roast it until golden brown.Switch of the flame once you get the aroma of urad dal.Allow it to cool and grind them in flour mil.Once the flour is done ,as said for the millet/rice flour above,spread the ground flour inside the room and store it after cooled down.

Urad Flour after ground:


  1. Very useful recipe,nice work

  2. Wonderful that u prepared ur batch of thinai flour at home, excellent job Sis..