WaterMelon Cooler

Summer season is up already.Its steaming everywhere in India.Year by year the temperature is increasing,to keep us cool during this season we need to have extra glasses of water daily.Consuming more water would help us safe during this season.And this wonderful nature has given us a lot of supplements to keep us cool,may it be cucumber,chickoo/sapota,watermelon ,we get the fruits in plenty during this season and these fruits are meant for cooling effect.Cucumber and watermelon has high content of water in it,so we say them as water fruits.Consuming these fruits and buttermilk/lassi are good during this season.Here is a simple and easy cool recipe for this summer.

Watermelon,mint and ginger along with pepper powder will make a perfect cool drink for you.Just cut the watermelon add all the ingredients and grind them,finally strain it...Thats all...its over in just two steps...Here i have added country jaggery  as a sweetener instead of sugar.If you lack jaggery you can add sugar.


WaterMelon - 2 cup
Ginger - 1/2 " inch stick (1 No)
Mint Leaves - few (hardly 5 to7)
Pepper Powder - 1/4 tsp
Country Jaggery / Sugar - as reqd
Salt - as reqd


  • In a mixer jar add watermelon ,ginger,mint leaves and grind them.

  • Add country jaggery / sugar and give a pulse grind in your mixer.Strain the contents and collect in a vessel.People avoiding sugar / jaggery can add salt after straining them.Finally add pepper powder.

  • Transfer the juice to your glass and top with  some pepper powder for decoration and serve.


  • You can make this both sweet and salt.For salt version replace the sugar with salt.Which will be helpful for diabetic people.
  • Adding pepper helps to prevent phlegm formation ,for people who are easily subjected to get cold.
  • Mint is also a cooling agent.Ginger helps in easy digestion and increases appetite.