CornFlour Halwa Microwave method - Virtual Party for Viji

I know its a 'very' late -belated wish for my friend Viji of Viji's Virunthu .Since i was not getting a suitable time to create a recipe for her i was lagging the post most of my friends have done their post punctually i was the late entry ,but based on never late than before concept i post here for my ever loving friend Viji.Hope everyone must be aware of viji ,she is a longtime blogger.To say a few words about viji,she's one among the wonderful personalities i've ever met in my life,she is a care-taking ,lovable and an easy to mingle with personality.Keep these wonderful characters with you  forever Viji.God bless you dear..

Ok friends back to the post ,I found this Microwave based sweet recipe in Viji's recipe index,since it sounds simple and needs not much handling work in front of the stove i ticked this recipe.I really enjoyed in making this cornflour halwa.You can choose your favorite food colors,and enjoy this easy recipe.



Recipe Source -Viji'sVirunthu 
Sugar  - 1 Cup
Water - 1 1/3 Cup
Ghee  - 2 Tbsp
Cucumber/Cashew/Almond seeds - few
Food Color- your choice


  • In a microwave safe bowl/Microwave safe glass bowl add the sugar ,water,cornflour and food color and mix well .Keep the mix in microwave HIGH for 3minutes.

  •  After 3 minutes take out the bowl from the oven the mixture may look similar to the one in the first pic.Stir well and again place it in Microwave HIGH for another 3 minutes.

  • At the end of 3minutes,remove the bowl from oven and add chopped nuts of your choice and ghee ,Once again mix them well,and place in Microwave HIGH for 2minutes.Once done pour the halwa mixture to the greased plate or tin .Allow the halwa to cool down and run the knife to the cooled halwa and cut them into squares and serve them.

 Pinky pink corn halwa is ready.


  1. very beautiful...awesome color and perfectly done halwa...

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words dear...Really am very happy to have friends like you... Lovely pink treat and my fav.color too... Halwa looks so tempting... Thanks much dear... :)

  3. looks so colorful.. so perfect looking Halwa

  4. Yummy yummy the color too

  5. Stunning clicks dear.......looks great...

  6. Simply delicious.........colorful too!

  7. Wow that halwa really looks awesomee.Thank you for visiting my space Prethika.