StrawBerry Yogurt IceCream-Virtual Birthday Treat For Priya Ranjith

The summer season has just begun.March is a very good and exciting month for me during school days :) because only by march end we get annual leaves and during my school days March month will be a mixed month of expressing tensions,fear :) and happiness.Tensions just come because of the exam fever and happiness ,obviously due to the annual holidays...Those days are always memorable to everyone i believe. I would like to mark this summer season with a cool recipe to vent out the hot breeze.My recipe here is not only to welcome the summer,and thers's a one more event behind this cool pink post is ..... please scroll down to know the special thing about this post...

Yummy strawberry yoghurt ice cream 

This is a  special post for a special person ,yes it is Priya Ranjith of CookLikePriya 's birthday event. Priya a very friendly and encouraging person to mingle with ,was known to me through this blogging world. Priya is a wonderful blogger,you can catch up her recipes at CookLikePriya .Never miss to look variety of templates. I love her templates each time she changes in her site,so lovable templates Priya.I am happy that i got some good friends like you through blogging.On the note to celebrate Priya's birthday myself and few of my blogging friends chose to post a pink recipe.So my recipe for the charming smiling girl is below."Happy Birthday Priya"

This is a very simple recipe which you can make with available ingredients at home.Its a 100% vegetarian recipe.


Yogurt - 1 Cup
Fresh Cream - 100ml
Fresh Strawberries - 5 to 6
Sugar - 3/4 Cup (adjust according to your taste level)


  • Take the fresh strawberries,wash and place them in your mixer along with that add the sugar.Grind them well.

  • Once done you can check to the sugar level if you feel sugar level is less you can add extra sugar according to your need.Add the yoghurt and fresh cream and grind well in mixer.

  • Transfer them to a freezer safe bowl and keep in freezer for atleast 30 hour.

  • After half an hour take out the icecream mix from freezer and beat them in mixer again and keep them back in freezer for half an hour similarly repeat this beating process atleast 4 times and keep them in freezer to set.Minimum it might take 8 hours to set.

  • After it is completely frozen serve them in individual bowls and enjoy the strawberry yogurt icecream..

Note :

  • Yogurt should be thick .instead of yoghurt you can use Mishti doi also which gives an extra rich taste. I have tried with Mishti doi also(Mother Diary Mishti Doi brand)
  • While allowing the ice cream to set in freezer close them with lid and place under freezer.
  • For extra fresh flavor you can add chopped strawberries after the final process of blending in mixer and set them ,it tastes damn good.


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