Maida Burfi

Maida burfi ,its a one such sweet which is easy to prepare and ofcourse a less messy dish to make,such that even a beginner could make it so easily.During any festive occasion,esp diwali, you can make it and distribute to your friends/relatives.Making this sweet does not consume a lot of time,so you could make in less than 40 minutes.

One String Consistency:

The only thing you have to look out in this recipe is the string consistency .while making sugar syrup we have to wait until one string consistency,and then add the maida flour to it.Checking of string consistency is not a big deal,it's too simple.Just have a cup of water aside while you make sugar syrup.Generally sticky consistency comes after 10-12 minutes ,then,half string followed by one string consistency which is again followed by two string consistency.Beginners,dont worry about these terms,its so simple...I will explain the one string consistency here...After the sugar syrup becomes sticky,ie when touch the syrup between your thumb and fore-finger the syrup will be sticky.If you leave the syrup to boil for even more some time,it comes to 1 string consistency.TO check it.Dip your thumb and fore-finger in ordinary water and take a little bit of boiling syrup in a ladle, and when the syrup is comfortable to handle ,you can find a thin string/thread forming between thumb and fore-finger.That is the right time to the maida.


Maida - 1 Cup
Sugar - 2 Cup 
Water - 1 Cup
Ghee - 1/2 Cup 
Rose Essence - 1/2 tsp
Food Color - 1/2 tsp 


  • In  a pan add some ghee and roast the maida,until the raw smell goes off.See to that no lumps are formed while roasting.

  • Pass the roasted maida through the sieve ,and allow them to cool.Also grease a pan with ghee and keep it In a pan add sugar ,water to make sugar syrup.

  • When one string consistency is formed add the food color of your choice and also add the rose essence.Mix well.Add the sieved maida in batches,stirring continuously.

  • Once all the maida has been added mix the burfi. Add ghee little by little to the pan and transfer to the greased tin/plate and allow to cool.Level the burfi with a spoon dipped in ghee.Run the knife across the burfi while it is half cooled.Remove the slices from the tin/plate when they are completely cooled and keep them in airtight container.


  • Do not stir for a long time after adding all the batches of maida.Just mix for 2 minutes and immediately transfer to the greased tin.The burfi may look loose,but after some time it will harden.


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