About me

Hi Friends,

   Welcome to my page.Thanks for taking some time to visit my page.You made my day. Let me give a brief intro about myself.My name is Prethika,friends call me Prethi. Born and brought up in South Tamil Nadu,I have completed my Master's in Engineering.Being a Home-Maker,i spend a lengthy day at home.So I wanted to spend my precious time in a productive manner.As cooking is my all time passion,and appreciated by  mine and my hubby's family for the dishes i prepare.I took this as a ray of hope to start my blog.As like many,i too got exposed much to cooking and its related techniques only after getting married.But ever since my childhood i'm fond of cooking.And my cooking experiences at that time were just like preparing tomato chutney,rasam,milkshakes and few more lil bit things, when my parents were out of home. 

  My policy towards cooking is,Cooking is an Art .We, the Human Beings need energy to perform our daily routines.Food gives us the entire energy to do all sorts of work.So I respect my food.Cooking is not only a blend of spices,Its combo of love and care with spices.Generally the food prepared with love and care tastes even more better than the fine restaurants. Hope you agree :)    I feel that food has the power of transmitting the positive and negative energy from the person who cooks the food ,to the person who consumes it.If the person has a  positive thinking while preparing the food,then automatically good thoughts and energy would get transmitted to the person having the food.He would in turn make his day even more fabulous.And the same above definition goes worst in the other way around if the cook has negative thoughts.So,cooking is not only an Art its a Science too.I don't know whether its a proven fact or not,but i believe it.This is the thing i keep in mind for each meal i prepare to my family, and i do it happily with a positive energy.

   Coming to my blog,I'm a foodie and a newbie to blogging world.I would like to make this blog as a platform to improvise my writing skills and learn other cooking styles.I love to try out new recipes each day,have tried recipes from my co-bloggers too, and fond of collecting interesting recipes from other region/state friends.All the recipes posted in my blog are honestly tried and tasted by me.So you can look for promising recipes here.If you feel comfortable with my recipes and have tried it at your kitchen,kindly drop your valuable feedback.I would like to hear from you,and it would definitely cheer me.

   Last but not the least ,through this page i would like to thank the Five Elements of nature for providing us all the needy and the Farmers,noticeable God,you help us get our food ,without you we cant survive.Finally i conclude thanking my Hubby SK,my parents,both of my brothers and my in-laws(,MIL,FIL and SIL's)  and my Co-blogging friends for helping and supporting me in the making of Prethika's Space - Aromatic Recipes.

   Thanks again my readers for allotting your valuable time reading my blog.Have a nice day.

- Prethika


  1. Good recipe collections. Keep posting.

  2. Nice to know about you prethika.. Way to go.. wishing you for more success.