FoodPanda - Order Food Online - A Review

Are you really tired of driving to your favorite restaurant?,or Do you wanna sit back at home and the enjoy your favorite match / TV program ? Have you got guests at home and you really want to spend time with them instead of cooking for a day?,or ,Are you bored of cooking?...Whatever might be,no worries here is a solution for that.Foodpanda is going to be a one such solution.Recently i came across this online food ordering portal and found it be useful.This post is going to be a review on Foodpanda's online portal.

About FoodPanda

FoodPanda is a global online food delivery sector operating in 4 continents with more than 45 countries(Asia,Europe,Africa,Latin America and the Middle East) headquartered in Berlin,Germany.
It's known as FoodPanda in Asia and Europe and as HelloFood in the rest continents.It covers more than 25,000 restaurants worldwide ,and more than 4000 restaurants in India.

How they work

They get the menu order from the customers and forward to the specified restaurants, and get delivered the food at your doorsteps. 

How to avail their service

  • With their largest list of restaurants and varied cuisine's ,one can order food through online or using their mobile app .To do this just enter and click the Login/Register button on the top right corner of the page and get registered,providing the necessary details.

  • Next you will receive a FoodPanda Order Verification code to the your mobile via SMS.Use that verification code while confirming your order.

  • In the homepage you can choose your city,then choose your locality or pin code, and click on Find Food Now! button ,to initialize your search.

  • You can select your desired restaurant and their menu and Proceed to checkout. You can also find your total bill amount and the estimated time for your food delivery.

  • Then Click on Place your Order Now in the next page,You are allowed to choose the Delivery type(Pickup/HomeDelivery),along with a Preorder option and Cash On Delivery,you can also choose Pay online if you wish .

  • Once your order is placed you will receive an SMS ,stating your order and ,later the specified restaurant will contact you with your order summary.

  • And thats all ..All done ..just wait for your food and Pay for the food once you get delivered.

Here is a simple and easy flowchart of FoodPanda's process.

They do have app for mobile,which is a great way right...,Their app creates the convenience of ordering the food, sitting from anywhere.You can download the free Foodpanda app for iOS and Android through this link.

you can find the QR code for scanning and downloading the app.

Highlights about FoodPanda:

  • Foodpanda supports many cities ,covering a list of restauarants in Delhi,Mumbai,Bangalore,Chennai and even more....
  • Only one time registration is needed the next time you login your account you can view your previous order details.
  • They have a Live support team to help the customers with their queries,which operates between 11am - 11 pm.
  • For new emerging restaurant's,If you want to get listed your restauarant with FoodPanda do contact them ,which will fetch you more customers.
  • They have Star Rating based on the customers review,which will help customers while choosing new restaurants.
  • You can avail discounts and deals.
  • Pre Order,a new and appreciated service, is available,but not all the restaurants have this facility,do check while making your order.Or simply check the Pre Order Available in the left side of your foodpanda search page .
  • They have a secure payment gateway for online payment services.
  • Regarding the delivery charges ,some restaurants go with the extra delivery charges,if your locality is far away from the restaurant,while most of them do not.
  • You can submit your feedback to Foodpanda's customer care department at 011-3071 5375 (11AM to 11PM) .

A Final Note

The method of combining the orders from more than one restaurant is not available right now.Each restaurant order will be taken as a separate order, hope that option would be added soon.And finally with this review post, to conclude, i was satisfied with their service and hope anyone who wishes to take a quick and easy delivery process they can opt for FoodPanda's service ,and am sure you will be impressed.

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