Thinai Vennai Murukku / Foxtail Millet Butter Murukku

Are you looking for something healthy and a traditional recipe ? If yes,then you are on the right track.Yes today my post is going to be a simple twist in the regular murukku.In the regular murukku flour we add rice flour,here iam going to replace the rice flour with homemade thinai/foxtail millet flour.Eventhough there is not going to be a much variation in taste compared to the regular rice flour one's,but you will get a satisfaction of consuming something even more healthier ,since foxtail millet is said to be a good source of protein,minerals an iron.Also it has a good quantity of betacarotene compared to rice and wheat.So why not give a try with a healthy millet?

This murukku came out so crispier and tastier.The flour is yellowish by nature so by default this murukku came out in golden color.


Thinai Flour - 1 Cup  (Click Here for Homemade flour version )
Urad dal - 3 Tbsp
Jeera Seeds - 1/2 tsp
Hing - a pinch
Butter - 1Tbsp (softened)
Salt - as needed
Water - as needed
Oil - for frying


  • In a vessel add the thinai and urad flour,salt ,hing ,softened butter and jeera seeds.Mix well with your fingers so that the butter is incorporated well with the flour.

  • Add water little by little to make a dough.The dough should be soft and loose.Meanwhile heat oil in a frying pan.Take out a small portion of the dough and fill it in the murukku press.

  • For convenience you can make murukku's on back of a ladle .If you can manage the heat you can simply shape out the murukku's directly in frying oil.Flip the sides of the murukkus to get fried in the other side too.Take out once fried or golden in color.Keep the flame in medium only.Do not keep it either in low or high flame.

  • Store the murukku's in airtight container once it's cooled down.Its shelf life time is upto 3 weeks.


  1. this is in my to do list, murukku turned out so crispy and perfect...well done!!

  2. Omg, they came out simply fabulous, pass me some sis.

  3. thinai vennai murukku is amazing :-)