Coconut / Thengai Burfi

Hope many of us would have seen and tasted this coconut/thengai burfi from small/peti shops during their childhood.These burfi's remain stored in a huge glass bottle covered with a steel type of lid.I could recollect these kinda stuff ,thengai burfi ,thean mittai,javu mittai,those are memorable collections.Even still i could see these stuff's in small scale shops ,which makes me feel excited. Eventhough lots of changes happened around us ,these little stuff's remain same,which keeps me happy from a corner of my heart.I would like to share  one more thing,each time when i visit my grandma's place during my summer holidays ,its my periamma who gets this burfi esp for me from a old grandma who makes and sells it.That taste still scrolls in my mind.All those childhood events comes back when  start composing this post. I think am boring my beloved readers ...sorry ,am back to the post.

This burfi is again a simple and yummy one,once made this can be stored for a period of 10-14days and consumed,if properly handled.It means store them in an airtight container,and each time opening the bottle pick the burfi's with a clean dry hand.By this way it stays even longer.The main thing is grate the coconut using the coconut scrapper,do not put in your mixer for  getting the gratings,it will not give you the actual taste.The recipe is as follows.


Coconut (grated)  - 1 Cup
Sugar - 1 Cup
Elaichi - 1 to 2 
Ghee - 2 tsp 


  • Grease a wide plate with the ghee and keep aside.In a pan add the grated coconut and sugar .Switch on the flame and starting stirring.

  • In some time the sugar would melt and starts combining with the coconut.Keep on mixing with the ladle.Add elaichi powder.Bubbles start to come and later it will settle down after that the burfi starts to form a thick mass ,it will start leaving the pan,i.e the burfi comes unsticking to the pan.Atlast add the ghee for flavor.

  • It is the right time to transfer the burfi to the greased plate.Group them evenly with same thickness allover the plate and allow to cool.

  • Once the burfi is half cooled using a knife greased with ghee,run through the burfi and mark slices .And when completely cool take the slices and store in an airtight container.


  • When the burfi starts unsticking to the pan transfer to the greased plate for cooing,Do not over cook ,it would turn harder.
  • No need to add water, and the ratio is 1:1 for sugar and coconut,you can double or triple the quantities.
  • Use only coconut gratings got from a scrapper.If you use mixer for getting the gratings you will loose the moisture in the coconut and the burfi would take a little longer time to reach the unsticky consistency.