Cony Punjabi Masala Papad

     Masala papad,is an easier and a less oily starter.It is said that this starter variety hails from the land of Punjab.No need to plan in prior to prepare this recipe.The moment you want it,you can get it.Just chopping of the onion,tomato,corainder and frying the papad's are the jobs involved in it.It's attractive multicolored topped above the papad makes it even more delightful.If you are planning to host a party at your home,try to include this as a starter,your guests,especially kids,will be more impressed.Just chop the veggies and store in your refrigerator the previous day of your party.Also you can fry the papads and store in an perfect airtight container.Its easy just garnishing will be your task.

I have tried this recipe using the papad is two ways.One is the calssic method and the other one was a cone masala papad.

This is the cone or Cony Masala Papad i did.


Lijjat Papad - 1 no
Onions - 1/2 no(Chopped)
Tomato - 1/2 no (Chopped)
Green Chillies - 1 no (small one)
Lemon juice - 4 to 5 drops
Red Chilli Powder - a pinch
Chat Masala - a pinch 
Corainder Leaves -finely chopped
Salt - as required


  • Fry the papad and keep it ready.Place the papad on the plate to be served.The garnishing part takes here.

  • Keep ready your chopped items.

  •  Meanwhile mix all the mentioned chopped items together in a bowl.Add salt,redchilli powder,chat masala and finally add the lemon juice.

  •  Just Garnish above the fried papad. Its ready to munch now.

  • I followed these steps to make a cone from the papad. First divide the papad equally using a knife. 

  •  Take the pan you used to fry your papads,when the oil is bearable,not too hot.Dip the divided papad slowly and take it out quickly.Now it will be able to be folded.

  •  Carefully roll it the shape of a cone

  •  Using the tong hold the edges of the cone and fry them in the hot oil.

  • Now as said above for the normal masala papad ,fill the papad cone's with the chopped onion,tomato.


  • Other optional Veggies you can include to garnish this papad

           Capsicum - finely chopped 1 tsp
           Carrot -grated 1 tsp
           Beetroot - grated 1 tsp

  • Also you can add some roasted peanuts or fried cashews for rich appeal.


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